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Unless you are a supermodel or a celebrity, you do your own make-up. Excepting those special events when you turn to the services of professionals, what you wear on your face in daytime and in the evenings is what you have learnt to do by yourself and what you have discovered that looks good on you. If you have never taken a self-makeup course with a professional artist, here are some of the things you have been missing out on or you have been doing wrong for all of this time.

  1. The good make-up session of a healthy skin starts the night before and continues in the morning

It is strictly forbidden to go to bed before the make-up removing pads come out clean! The chemicals and dirt gathered on your face throughout the day and skin oils will damage the skin in time. In the morning, make sure the skin is clean before applying make-up.

  1. Use skin-type appropriate products.

You may want to use the same products as your friends because they are pretty and much advertised. But in the end, they could be making you look ridiculous. Use the proper type of foundation for oily, normal or sensitive skin. Choose lipstick according to how much you need your lips moisturized. Not all types of eye shadow go well on all types of eyelids.

  1. Stick to professional products and to their purpose

Avoid taking random advice off the Internet and use each product for its intended purpose. Do not use skin foundation as eye make-up foundation, nor lip gloss for a shiny lid.

  1. Concealing done right

If you must conceal acne and blemishes, rashes and other skin problems, consult a specialist in a store and choose a product with better coverage and in your skin tone. Avoid applying layer upon layer of products, which, in the end, could not even go well together.

  1. Use the tools you know how to use

You may try to do like you have seen professionals do, but you may not always get it right. Give it a rest every now and then and simply do the things you know how to do. For example, use fingers to apply foundation if you cannot work the brush properly.

  1. The best eye shadow make-up

Use a primer, apply a natural skin tone powder all the way up to the lid and then apply the different colors to complete the look.

  1. Never forget about lip liner

Improper use has given this product a bad name, but it has an important part to play, especially when you are doing a bold lip and you want a well-defined look.

  1. Apply lipstick the right way

Press the lipstick on the lips and make sure you do not forget the inner lines. Make sure not to overdo Cupid’s bow (top part of your upper lip), though.

  1. Never curl your eyelashes after applying mascara

unless you want to tear them. Mascara makes them brittle and easier to break. Curl first, mascara after, never the other way around.

  1. Apply mascara the professional way

Even commercials show the winding move of the mascara brush on the eyelashes. However, the right way implies jamming the brush at the end of the lashes and zig zagging your way outward.


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