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General Contracting

The whole process management of feasibility study, survey, design, procurement, construction and trial operation (acceptance and acceptance of completion) of the project is carried out.

Contract mode: EPC、EPBOTBT etc.


The EPC project of raw material,sintering, steelmaking and continuous casting area etc. for HBIS Laoting Steel LTD., India UTTAM Iron and Steel Project and more than 100.



Preparation of project proposal and feasibility study report .

Qualifications: Grade A Credit Evaluation Qualifications of Metallurgical (Iron and Steel) and Architectural Specialty in Engineering Consulting Units.

Performance: Guangdong Guoxin 3 million tons/year iron and steel supporting project master plan and research consultation, Chengde Jianlong Special Steel energy comprehensive utilization 42MW power generation project consultation, etc.



Preliminary Design and Construction Drawing Design (Three-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional.

Qualifications: metallurgical and construction industry A, Municipal Industry B, power industry C 

Achievements: the first step to create "green metallurgy" in China -- TSIS green environmental upgrading and transformation project, the national "one belt and one road" construction model project -- Serbia steel technical transformation project, Southeast Asia's first iron and steel enterprise Vietnam and hair iron and steel project and so on.



On behalf of Party A, Party B shall supervise and control the whole process of construction, ensure the quality and safety of construction, improve the level of construction and give full play to the benefits of investment.

Qualifications: Comprehensive Qualifications of Engineering Supervision.

Achievements: TangSteel High Strength Automotive Plate Technology Reform Project, Iran Zarand Comprehensive Steel Works General Package Project Technical Services more than 600.


BIM Design

The project information, process and resources are integrated in different stages of the whole life cycle of the project. The project participants such as the construction unit, the design unit, the construction unit and the supervision unit gather on the same platform and share the information model. Through simulation analysis, scheme optimization, digital delivery and visual expression, the information integration and data sharing among different units and specialties are realized. Enjoy and work together.


Information Technology

Manufacturing execution system

Process quality control system

Factory database system

Equipment Life Management

Financial Sharing Platform

Achievements: Over sixty projects, such as the overall planning and project group management of iron and steel company, and the ERP project of Hongtaiyang Zhongbang Pharmaceutical Industry, have been carried out.


Digital Workshop

As a bridge between product design and product manufacturing, the whole production process is simulated, evaluated and optimized in the computer virtual environment based on the data of product life cycle, and further extended to the new production organization mode of the whole product life cycle.


Cost Consultant

The whole process dynamic cost management of construction project includes feasibility study, investment estimation, project economic evaluation, project budget estimate, budget, project settlement, project completion settlement, project bidding base, preparation and audit of bidding quotation, monitoring of project cost and providing information about project cost.

Qualifications: Grade B Qualifications for Consulting Engineering Cost.

Achievements: Tangshan stainless steel strip transformation supporting projects, Tangshan Qunyi Museum, archives, library projects and more than 50.


Engineering Surveying

Collect, process, analyze, express and apply the spatial information of engineering projects, including control survey, topographic survey, planning survey, construction survey, deformation and precision survey, municipal engineering survey, line and bridge survey, underground pipeline survey, mine survey and engineering survey supervision, Real estate surveying and mapping: cadastral surveying, real estate surveying, administrative boundaries surveying, real estate surveying and supervision.

Qualification: Grade B Surveying

Achievements: Construction control network survey, building piling and civil construction inspection line, related topographic mapping of public facilities for HBIS Laoting Steel Ltd. Control network layout, line inspection, mapping etc. for Tangshan Stainless Steel Ltd. relocation project


Tender Agency

Engineering survey, design, construction, supervision and bidding agency business of important equipment related to engineering construction (except imported mechanical and electrical equipment), material procurement, etc.

Qualifications: Qualifications of Engineering Bidding Agency.

Achievements: Over 80 items of equipment purchasing, such as ladle turret for 2050 hot rolling project of a steel group, vehicle purchasing under converter and molten steel tank purchasing of a steel group, etc.


Metallurgy Equipment Development

Research and Development and Incubation of Metallurgical Equipment Science and Technology.


Pacage of Equipment

Organize the supply of complete sets of technical equipment for construction projects.

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