Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise

TSIC has changed from a secondary department of a state-owned enterprise to an international joint-stock engineering and technology company with 500 employees, and the 46 years of hardships have accumulated excellent culture and forged a unique soul for TSIC, which is the valuable spiritual wealth and the inexhaustible power to promote the sustainable development of TSIC.

We believe that no matter what stage the enterprise grows to, no matter whether we are in good times or bad times, the strong cultural identity will always unite the TSIC ?and move forward towards tomorrow.

Corporate vision

Build a respected and leading international metallurgical
engineering technology enterprise

Corporate mission

Serve for community/ Return to shareholders/ achieve employees

Strategic target

Build the destiny community of employee-enterprise-customer

Enterprise spirit


Realize customer needs with a sense of ownership
Facilitate enterprises with a sense of ownership
Take up the social responsibilities with a sense of ownership

Operation principle

Sincere/Professional / Mutual benefit

Management philosophy

Strict regulations/Standard process/Human care

Team concept


Innovative ideas

Positive change/ Proactive promotion/ Embracing innovative

Service concept

Thoughtful/ Transpositional consideration/ Quality and efficient

Quality concept

Respect Rules/ rigorous and meticulous/ perfect quality

Idea of humanism

The enterprise creates the warmth of home for employees, and employees grow together in the enterprise family.