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best hair straightener

Have you ever thought of using a flat iron to curl your hair? This thought sounds contradictory because there is a curling iron that was manufactured for hair curling purposes. Many ask themselves why flat iron? The reason why you should try a flat iron the next time you want so curl your hair is because of its curl options. You will be able to have many curl types than when you choose the conventional curl iron. Smooth and flat pieces are transformed into curled pieces if you use your flat iron expertly. Furthermore, texture variation can be easily achieved thus an imperfect look with a messy cut might be cool for you leaving an unkempt sexy appearance.If you were looking for tips on how you can use flat iron to curl your hair then you are reading the right article. UseĀ best hair straightener to achieve admirable results:

1. Hair preparation

You should start the tricky process with safeguarding your hair from the negative heat effects. A quality heat protect ant is what you need. Different people have different product taste and preferences. The available millions of options on the market gives you the liberty to choose what you love most. However, purchase what works best for your hair.

2. Insert a section of the hair into the flat iron

This should be a small section of your hair. The sections can be varied in terms of their size. This variation is what brings out a beautiful imperfect natural look. You should settle on a hair section size that gives you an appearance that you love. In addition, where the curls start is essential in this process. The desired position will determine the accurate iron placement as you do your hair.

3. Twist and pull

It is advisable that you twist the wrist that is holding your flat iron. You should do it approximately a half-turn then pull artistically. Please twist and pull repeatedly. The act should be done continuously until the end of your hair is done. More so, in case you want a beach feel then you should keep your hair ends out the flat iron’s reach.

In addition, how you can use flat iron to curl your hair has an alternative twist and pull variation. The variation is aimed at giving you a more curly and tighter hair. Those of you who admire this should mimic what is done using a curling iron by twisting the mid-shaft to the ends around the entire flat iron.

4. Vary section sizes and change curl direction

This is a step where you should continue with the chosen variation as explained above. All your hair has to be attended to. Switching your curl direction is a good way of having a unique hair imperfection. Other options for you are changing where your curls begin as well as varying hair section size. A curl that sweeps gracefully from your face can be done using various variations depending on your preferred sweep direction.

5. Use your fingers to comb the curls

This is an act that is aimed at breaking up your hair curls. The hair should be shaken out using your hands. Moreover, a pomade or light wax application is a sure way of having an enhanced pliable texture. The pomade molds your curls and you should pick a wax that is delicious and light weight.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind the fact the flat iron use in hair curling needs patience and practice. It is a technique that leads to an outcome that is creative, sexy and flirty. You should try it today.

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